80% of white respondents are aware of Bitcoin compared to 66% of Hispanics and 61% of black respondents, a new study by SimpleMoneyLyfe

Washington, January 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The study, which analyzed the results of exclusive surveys and public databases, also found that men are more aware of bitcoin than females, and 67% of millennials prefer bitcoin over gold.

The data include results from November 2019 To January 2021 Making it the most comprehensive study of crypto to date. Moreover, our data touch on issues that resonate with consumers, academia and the private industry. The results shed light on a new narrative that is not reviewed – one that reveals rampant gaps.

This SimpleMoneyLyfe study also analyzed several other factors related to cryptocurrency and the wider blockchain industry.

Here’s a quick picture of what our industry leading research reveals:

Criminal activity in cryptocurrencies: Only 0.34% of Crypto’s deal was used for criminal activity. It’s about worth it $ 10 billion.

Common Bitcoin Hamsters: 2% of cryptocurrencies control 95% of all bitcoin. This includes many governments, financial institutions and early Bitcoin investors / miners.

Bitcoin ads for male versus female: According to another survey, 78% of respondents in the survey reported being aware of Bitcoin, while only 71% of women were aware of this particular digital asset (18+ and above).

Massive blockchain investments: Because blockchain is accepted and used in various industries, the US is about to stay at the forefront of innovation. $ 4.2 billion On blockchain solutions.

Complete research results: https://simplemoneylyfe.com/cryptocurrency-statistics

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