Welcome to a world where financial anonymity and lower taxation could be bought for a few thousand dollars !

We provide consultancy for individuals and companies wishing to form, register and operate outside of Europe and U.S. spheres of influence, for legal or financial reasons, including reducing tax burdens. Our services include expert advice on your banking options, registering and managing an offshore company on your behalf.

How do we choose an offshore jurisdiction?

As you know an aggressive campaign against the offshore financial industry has begun leaded by the U.S and the European Union. In the early 2000s, The Bahamas found itself included on an OECD blacklist of offshore centres practicing so-called harmful tax competition and, at the same time, the Financial Action Task Force, an arm of the OECD, accused it of not taking sufficient action against money launderers.

Changes in the Bahamian offshore company legislation included the banning of anonymous ownership of the more than 100,000 International Business Companies (IBC) registered in the country.  Following the pressure from the US, the Bahamian government went even further and in February 2001 closed two offshore banks and revoked the licences of five others.

More information on the recent campaign against the offshore financial industry:
Click Here> [ OECD Tax Information Exchange Agreements ]

The jurisdictions where we operate have never signed any bilateral tax information exchange agreement. Since they belong to neutral states, the U.S. and Europe have largely left these countries alone and have not brought any pressure to bear for banking privacy laws to be amended.

We also select a jurisdiction (to be your offshore jurisdiction) not based in a micro-country which can be suspected to be an offshore center for your clients and for your local tax department.

Be certain your bank is located in a respectable country of more than 10 millions inhabitants, member of major international financial institutions which includes some of the world’s largest economies.

With this being,  you can now bank with confidence knowing your banking systems are safe, reliable, covered under the bank secrecy, and with internationally recognized standards and certifications.

For your convenience, local investment laws shall offer:

  • Low corporate income tax
  • Multi-year tax holidays
  • Full import duty exemptions for export-oriented projects
  • Free repatriation of profits
  • No nationalization and price control
  • No withholding tax on dividends
  • Multi-year loss carried forward

With over 2,000 regular professional users and 15 years of experience, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Whether you are an intermediary representing a group of clients or an entrepreneur setting up for the first time, you can expect from us an unrivaled quality of service.

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