BitX million-dollar financing brokers to finance a deal for a Midwest startup

Robert KnollSaber Group Home Manager, has found an effective and flexible financial solution with BitX Funding after losing time and momentum with several attempts to obtain a loan for purchase through the traditional pipeline. “I went through many applications only to be told that all the institutions that were doing at the time were PPP loans,” said Knoll, whose start-up business with no previous history fell short of its parameters. “BitX was able to help in ways the banks could not,” added Knoll, who found the right lender for his time-sensitive and unique opportunity as the buyer, seller and Bitx worked together to produce the property and collateral required for successful financing. Instead of falling through the institutional cracks, the creative approach and the simple process offered through BitX Funding, Saber Group Homes found the financial vehicle and SBA 7a loan of $ 1 million that was right.

“BitX Financing is committed to helping entrepreneurs who need financing to buy or acquire a business,” he said Todd Rowe, President of BitX Financing. He added, “Now that many are looking for capital for new opportunities, they have hit the wall created by COVID-19 and the banks are stunned by the payroll protection program. A significant plan that no one has seen. ”

BitX Financing supports small business owners with easy access to SBA 7a loans and connection to many lenders competing for their financing in a thriving market. In a transparent and frictionless process of approving loans, entrepreneurs tap into the funds they need. Roy adds, “Big and small banks need to move around faster, offer better technology and increase manpower to serve the tsunami of PPP applications. While it employs banks, small businesses are suffocating as SBA 7a loans that enable purchase, provide work. Capital and issuance Real estate loans wait until the stimulus is over. Our lenders see this quickly, which is why we encourage entrepreneurs to apply for unlimited growth through BitX Funding. ”

Since 2013, BitX financing has generated more $ 50 million In support of small businesses nationwide by dismantling traditional banking barriers. Todd Rowe, president of BitX Funding, is an experienced non-banking lender in the fintech universe whose corporate entrepreneurs have supported the mission to galvanize the small business economy. The restrictive nature of traditional banking no longer matches the innovation and personalization now required for business development. BitX Financing is an agile partner for any company seeking to expedite financing and working capital.

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