Can startups grow without venture capital? | Aimed

Headlines about big values ​​and big funding rounds hide the fact that a huge number of venture-backed startups are failing. And yet, it’s part of the game plan: most VCs expect three out of ten of their investments to fail completely. This leads to VCs securing their investments in one or […]

Startup execs: Tech Garden expansion critical of Syracuse’s growth (Your Letters)

The following letters refer to the events reported here: “Leasehold dispute threatens proposed expansion of Syracuse’s Tech Garden at $ 16 million” (March 2, 2021): TCGplayer: Startups are our lifeblood To the editor: TCGplayer has been fortunate to be part of a growing technology scene in central Syracuse, led and nurtured […]

Berlin’s biotechnology startup Atai raises $ 157 million from investors

Bloomberg Wall Street Poaching Season warms up with Fintech and Funds on the Hunt (Bloomberg) – To the outside world, Wall Street banks looked like good places to be last year, as they posted profits during the pandemic. For those who are in, they now look like good places to leave […]

Snack-ups for start-ups: Cairo jam inspires technical solutions – France 24

Issued on: 03/03/2021 – 03:50Modified: 03/03/2021 – 03:48 Cairo (AFP) In grid-locked and heavily polluted Cairo, start-ups are looking for technical solutions to solve transport headaches for a growing size that is already struggling with over 20 million people. With only three metro lines and overcrowded, disused buses serving the capital, […]

Join the EU Startups CLUB

49 € / month This option is ideal for companies and investors who want to stay up to date on Europe’s most promising start-ups, have full access to our start-up database, while having the opportunity to write unlimited (free) jobs on EU Startups Jobs on Board costs only 49 € per […]

Isabelle Kent is Philly Startup Leader’s new CEO – Philly

Philly Startup Leaders (PSL) found its new CEO in HR and talent acquisition Isabelle Kent. Kent provides experience in growth strategy and ecosystem development to the non-profit idea of ​​entrepreneurship. The former VP of growth for Toronto-based talent acquisition platform JobAdX also runs its own strategy company, Dedicova Consulting, through which […]

Lithuanian start Kevin. offers to cut out card nets at checkout

Lithuanian payment start kevin. has released a new product for merchants that switch customers from card payments to account-to-account payments at checkout. Customers who start paying with their card can stop using their bank account, a method that is up to 90% cheaper for sellers. Pavel Sokolovas, founder and COO of […]

Fuzzy lands $ 18 million Series B for telemedicine platform for pets

Fuzzy – The Pet Parent Company, a subscription-based start-up for animal health care, received new support as it aims to exploit $ 100 billion spent on pets only 2020, as well as democratizing access to pet care through the education of pet parents and virtual care options. Subscribe to Crunchbase Daily […]

What Houston start-up founders looking for funding need to know about working with VC

I have had the incredible opportunity to work with New Stack Ventures as a venture colleague, and after buying investment opportunities, shadowing conversations with founders and even leading a couple of my own conversations, I have learned some lessons that can resonate with starting founders. which raises capital. Responsive founders make […]

UK startup develops gyroscope gloves to relieve tremors for those with Parkinson’s

By Stuart McDill TOWCESTER, England (Reuters) – A British startup has developed a glove with a built-in spinning gyroscope that it says can help people with Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor (ET) overcome their often debilitating tremors and regain control of their hands. Both conditions affect over 200 million people worldwide […]

Why investors love quantum-as-a-service | Aimed

B2B SaaS start-ups have been a money-making bonanza for many VCs over the years. Now many of them are looking up quantum processing-as-a-service to enter this still evolving deep-tech sector. Quantum processing is still full of unanswered questions – based on what type of underlying physics will ultimately dominate. But the […]

Australian startup aims to become the first Li-ion anode manufacturer outside China

A handful of companies are challenging Chinese control of a core material in the production of lithium-ion batteries before electrification of transportation really launches the global battery boom. International Graphite, a Perth-based startup at the forefront of this work, recently spoke with pv magazine australia about the surprising collaborative race to […]