Commodity Finance Leaders’ Think Tank

The big picture: Adapt your organization to the new paradigm

There is little doubt that 2020 will have a lasting impact on working life. Working remotely will become more common, but how can it be tailored to also work for newer recruiters and those without a special home office? What training is needed for teams to be able to maximize their productivity in this paradigm? How will all these changes affect recruitment and retention strategies?

This keynote presentation gives you plenty of thought about organizational changes and challenges for your trade and commodity finance team.

Keynote Traders’ Panel: The Trader’s Role Today

Traders, lenders, non-lenders, vertically integrated procurers of production companies, risk reduction and more: these are just some of the roles that traders have played and continue to play in the market. When the landscape changes, financiers recalibrate and Covid goes back, we asked what role does the trader have today?

  • How has a quality flight affected the trading houses? What do they do to remain attractive to financiers?
  • Do traders have to accept higher price margins?
  • Does their funding mix really diversify?
  • What role do they see themselves playing during this decade, from the smaller traders to those who noted big gains in 2021?

This session will include an extended question and answer to give you plenty of time to ask your questions to our top traders

Global Heads Gameshow: What’s Happening to Industry’s Banks?

Although the raw materials industry is no stranger to market consolidation and recalibration, the most radical upheaval of recent years has taken place. Players who have been synonymous with the industry have gone back and those who have stayed have adjusted their business and borrowers’ appetite.

  • Has Covid caused or just accelerated this shift?
  • What decision criteria do the banks now use to determine where they should be and will not be active, and to whom they will lend and will not lend?
  • Which hedged structures are likely to be more popular given these times of increased risk and risk mitigation measures?
  • How will the countries ‘recovery stimulus plans affect banks’ appetites? Can the focus on a green recovery increase the banks’ sustainable commodity activity?
  • Basically, what comes next for the industry?

This session will be structured in the form of a game show to keep you entertained as well as informed.