Houston is leading the way as a leading metro for minority-owned startups

HOUSTON, Texas – Both Houston and the state of Texas have received high ratings for a recent study by Self Financial, which examined the percentage of minority-owned startups in areas across the United States.

“Today, there are nearly 170,000 minority-owned startups in the United States that employ over 700,000 people and generate annual revenues of close to $ 100 billion,” the report said. “Based on demographic trends, these numbers are likely to increase as the population continues to focus on racial and ethnic lines.”

According to the report, about 30% of startups in Greater Houston are minority-owned. This is the fifth highest percentage in the country. MSA has nearly 5,600 minority-owned startups, which employ more than 22,700 people and bring in more than $ 3.1 billion a year, the report said.

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