Check it out: Towards the 2nd anniversary, the Triangle Activation Guide continues to grow in multiple regions

As TechWire enters its 20th year of operation, we are celebrating another year of growth for our exclusive Triangle operating manual.

Since the guide was launched in March 2019, WRAL TechWire has gradually expanded its range of resources. During 2020 we added over 150 new resources to the guide, the average of three new listings per week.

A significant amount of that increase – but certainly not due to a COVID-19 sub-section of the guide, which includes sources of epidemic information, financial relief and other support for local businesses. This item has grown significantly over the last ten months as we keep track of grants, loans and other financing plans.

Beyond the relief section of COVID, every other area in the guide has expanded significantly in 2020 as well – reflecting a vibrant, ever-growing startup community that is coping well with epidemic challenges.

The triangular operating manual, which consists of seven parts, gives local founders access to all the resources they need during their operating journey.

We have summarized the trends below. (Click on the subheadings to view each section in the manual).

Accelerators and mentoring programs

This section of the guide includes Accelerators, mentoring programs and early-stage business development tutorials.

Although this section did not grow like others in 2020, we added some new programs, including the FAST and propeller programs of the first flight center, and the online GRO of the Entrepreneurship Development Council’s online greenhouse, the six-month illustration Your Sh * t Accelerator Out (FYSO ), And Pax Momentum, an eight-week accelerator aimed at mid-Atlantic start-ups that expanded its reach to the triangle last May.

Map of greenhouses and work spaces

The base of the startup greenhouses and work spaces for the work of the triangle has enjoyed steady growth this year, as recent news indicates growth from leading players Raleigh Founded and American Underground.

Map of greenhouses and work spaces for work in a triangle

We’ve added some spaces to our map, including an intelligent and industrious office (Waltz Fargo Capitol Center) in downtown Riley, our office spaces in Rally and Curry, the Hatch64 in Nightdale, a workstation in Apex, a perch to work in Pittsburgh, and Building 1, the corner of the road. And Carolina Coworking at Chapel Hill.

Contests, grants and other sources of funding

This section of the guide includes a list of COVID-19 resources for local businesses. Below it you will find many sources of funding for startups at an early stage, from pitch competitions to private grants to university foundations and more.

New additions to the list in 2020 include: Black Girl Ventures (which opened an episode in Durham last year), Durham SOUP, the Chapel Hill Microgrant Fund (launched last November), the NC IDEA Black Entrepreneurship Council, ECOSYSTEM Grant (launched last October), the Small Business Program One in North Carolina (returning in 2020 after a break) and the upcoming program, Fitch: A Competition for Black Student Founders (applications will arrive Jan. 29).

Venture capital groups and angels

This section of the guide presents more than 50 venture capitalists and angel investors in the triangle, including several university-related funds. The list has grown significantly this year. You can read about the latest updates in this post starting in December.

Need funding? The Triangle Operating Guide now includes 55 at-risk investors and investors

Communities, networks and societies

This section of the guide includes startup-focused organizations, networks, and company-based groups. Over the past year we have added #BlackDollarNC (a network of black-owned or managed businesses across North Carolina), the NCT Life Sciences Group (launched almost in 2020) and Pitch Space (a new Pitching and Networking platform from a colleague Of Winston-Salem).

These groups join a dozen other names, such as the Entrepreneurship Development Council, RIoT, NC TECH, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, local chambers of commerce and more.

Free events and meetings

This section introduces meeting groups used to connect the technology and operating communities of the triangle. New entrants to the list include Durham’s Momentum Encounter (run by the local code school Momentum), Triple Women in STEM, Women in Technology Allies and the All Things Open RTP Encounter.

Inspiration, advice and additional resources

Undoubtedly the busiest part of the guide, this page includes a combination of podcasts, thought leadership, blogs, video series, market data and other stuff produced by local entrepreneurs (and for them). Some of the latest additions to this list include Raleigh Founded’s new podcast, Hutchison PLLC’s founders’ podcast, Oak City Productions From Scratch! Network series, the middle page of IDEA Fund Partners, and Podcast 3 for Jim Roberts’ sips of advice.

We make weekly additions to the Triangle Operation Guide. As always, if we missed a resource you would like to add, feel free to submit it for inclusion. You can email me directly, tweet me @shannoncuthrell Or use this contact form.