IRM India Launches Free Course on Organizational Risk Management for Startups

The India-affiliated Institute of Risk Management, UK with Invest India, will launch a free ‘Enterprise Risk Management for Startups’ course. The course is specifically designed to assist founders and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Registration for the free course will be open to Indian entrepreneurs starting January 26th.

The course consists of six modules to be taught by an International IRM Coach and an IRM Coach India. The course will introduce participants to the basics of 360-degree risk management, and will teach them how to identify and respond to uncertainties and threats across the value chain. Following the epidemic, even private equity funds and angel investors began to value startups based on their ability to manage risks and crises.

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The course outline includes an introduction to corporate risk management, start-ups and risk management, what is risk, COVID-19 case, risk management process, how start-ups can implement risk management.