Create Your Anonymous Banking Account with NO Passport or ID Copy Necessary – and… Forget your Old Swiss Bank Account Once and For All!

Exclusive NO ID option

Introducing the One and Only One Secret Foreign Bank Account for International Business

We are the official agent and representative for well established and prestigious onshore and offshore banks in which you can make an offshore company account online and in most cases an account number will be immediately provided to you. These banks provide multi-currency accounts, full internet access, credit/debit cards, and ATM cards which make funds rapidly available to you from almost any where in the world. We guarantee you that we will open for you a company bank account from one of the very best banks. (Upon understanding your business objectives and personal requirements our consultants will be happy to assist you on a suitable bank and banking account to meet your specific needs.)

The banks we offer are located in reputable countries. We do a lot more than just introduce you to a bank. We are the ONLY ONES who can offer a REAL anonymous FIRST CLASS bank account , located physically in the heart of the city and available online at any time. Only we give you complete anonymity as we never ask for passport, ID, address, or other documents. Just a valid email address is required for communication purposes. All communications between our company and a client are kept safe in a cloud server located abroad.

We are proud to tell you that we do not require your ID or passport copy, neither your name and address.

You will acquire a total anonymous offshore company bank account in ANY NAME YOU SELECT (IF THE COMPANY NAME IS AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION), includes internet banking, and an optional ATM card and NO references or PASSPORT copy necessary.

Your first business bank account is not a numbered account, it is a REAL trading account with a REAL name. Please select three names in order of preference for your company and one of them is sure to be available.


– When expecting a large amount of money, please tell us a few days in advance so we can work with our bankers.
– US citizens bank account holders can also complete a bank application.

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