Offshore Foundations

There is more to offshore banking that setting up offshore companies and opening offshore bank accounts. A number of options are also available for those who would like to use planning tools to secure and protect an estate. Offshore Banking International offers this about the offshore foundation: A foundation – particularly an offshore foundation – provides individuals solid protection from the instability of one’s home country, as well as tax benefits that ensure one’s beneficiaries receive the maximum distributions possible.

For corporations, foundations can consolidate worldwide assets into one location, protect employee investment plans or create a philanthropic arm of the company. Panama offers the opportunities to take advantage of the offshore foundation. You can include your Panama company in the foundation to protect your assets and investment plans.

With proper help from a knowledgeable agent, it is possible to get a Panama company registration and set up a foundation. There is more to offshore banking than what you have probably heard. The fact of the matter is that all of the financial planning tools that you enjoy onshore in your country of residency are also available offshore.

The difference is that when you use offshore financial tools, you often get special tax advantages and other helpful perks.