Offshore Real Estate

If you feel insecure at the thought of having your money stored in a banking facility offshore, you may want to look into real estate as an offshore investment. Of course, you are probably thinking that you could just invest in domestic real estate to save your money and gain when the sale value increases.  However, you’ll find that paying taxes on a domestic property will almost negate the purpose of getting it out of a government taxed account.Offshore banking is a secure way to make sure your hard earned bucks are not penalized by excess taxes, but you may not feel that level of security, wondering if your cash is really as accessible and well-hidden as if it was deposited in an anonymous bank account.

If you are concerned with this kind of investment, you may wish to place your funds in an offshore investment.  While some countries will still charge a property tax, it is usually much less than the rates of US properties, and there are also tax-free properties in the world that can assist you in putting away your cash without any kind of additional penalty or expenditure.For example, an offshore investment in Dubai is an incredibly intelligent step to take.

The property value in Dubai has already tripled in the last five years and is still on the rise, so you can be assured your investment will appreciate with the high demand for rental facilities by expatriates. Also, property owners in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) pay no taxes on their property. An offshore investment in this and other similar areas around the world are great “savings accounts”, protecting you money from taxes and your withdrawal habits, as well as earning on the investment as the property appreciates in value and gains equity. An offshore investment can take the place of your offshore accounts, and there is the added bonus of owning property abroad to which you can travel and stay for free with no hotel fees to worry about.

The only cost you’ll invoke will be air fare, and the climbing value of an intelligently acquired property will make up for any of those expenditures and much more. Before you decide to invest, however, there are several resources you should consult for an opinion. First, you’ll want to contact a lawyer who specializes in international property laws and can help you determine if there are any special monetary considerations or penalties involved.

Also, you will want to get assistance from an international real estate agent who can help you pick out a property that is sure to appreciate in value.  After all, if you are going to have an offshore investment property, you want to assure that it is going to help you prosper. Overall, you have several options for stashing your money offshore in banks, special accounts, or in offshore investment properties.

Whichever one seems right to you can really make a difference in how your money accrues over time, gathering interest or gaining equity without your hands dipping in and, more importantly, without tax dollars and penalties taken out due to your success and prosperity.

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