Operating the PepsiCo BioLumen Incubator Accelerator is collaborating with Dr. Robert Lustig on the topic of “highly expandable fibers” that partially block fat and sugar absorption.

Co-founded by serial entrepreneur Paulo Costa and Dr. Robert Lustig, A neuroendocrinologist and author of popular science books such as’Fat Chance: Beat the odds against sugar, processed foods, obesity and disease, ‘Based in San Francisco BiolumanDesign an ingredient that combines natural polysaccharides that trap sugars and fats in the stomach.

Sugar and fats These ‘micro-jelly balls’ navigate insufficiently in the small intestine – where fats and sugars are usually digested by the body – and reach the colon.

Some of these folded sugars and fats are then ““Released within the colon, feed the microbiome and increase the bacterial production of short-chain fatty acids (prebiotic function), while the rest of the trapped ancestors that are not absorbed are secreted naturally (caloric elimination function).”Costa claims, who said the company received six patents.

He added: “We arrived early [to this technology], And so we managed to be wider than usual [IP] Coverage … As far as I know, this calorie elimination technology has never been used commercially. We hope to deploy it in the market as soon as possible. “

Several possible formats of shipping

He will not disclose the materials used in the latest wording (one published patent refers to “One or more hydrogels, soluble or insoluble fibers, waxes and / or gums … “), But says it can be supplied as a tablet or as a powdered supplement for consumption with a meal, or added to selected food products from chocolate spreads to jam and cookies. He added that the formulation is based on GRAS natural polysaccharides (commonly known as safe).