Proof of voicemail does not have to be crazy, lax startup Yak raises $ 7.5 million – TechCrunch

Yak, a startup from Orlando, Florida that digitizes voice messages to remote offices, raised $ 7.5 million in a new round of funding.

The company’s service has received sufficient attention to raise a fairly new round of investors led by GGV Capital and a reinvestment from the Slack fund.

Apparently, reinventing a voicemail is a multi-million dollar endeavor.

“The future of meetings will be asynchronous, in your ears and in free hands,” says Pat Matthews, CEO and founder of Active Capital, when the company announced its round of funding almost a year ago.

Founded by Justin Mitchell, Hunter McKinley and Jordan Walker, Yake was operated by the digital agency SoFriendly and developed as a ground for the Product Hunt Maker Festival. The voicemail service won the same startup competition at the event and attracted the interest of Boost VC and its founder, venture capital generation Adam Draper.

About six months after that round of sowing, Yak received information from Slack thanks to a referral from another entrepreneur. Throughout last year’s negotiations, crews used Yac to conduct due diligence, according to Mitchell. At the time of the August announcement that Slack was coming to fund the company, Yac had just over 5,000 users in service and seat charges, in the same way that Slack does .