Quebec-based car buying website now accepts payment in Bitcoin

Quebec headquarters HGregoire and will now allow customers to buy cars in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

“Our desire to constantly develop and improve our customers’ shopping experience inspires us to make bold decisions. Giving them a wider range of payment methods is part of that, says Hgreg President John Hairabedian.

“We are happy today to be at the forefront of technology and give our customers another payment alternative. We also believe that it will be beneficial to keep some of our assets in cryptocurrency. ”

HGreg is a completely online sales company in operation since 1993 and has tried to revolutionize car purchases by offering a completely online shopping experience.

The company has already made some sales with the new type of currency and explains that transactions made with the digital offer will be as secure as those paid with any other type of money.

HGreg operates 30 car dealerships in North America, 21 of which are in Quebec, and offers both new and used vehicles. Currently, one Bitcoin equals approximately $ 61,500 CDN.