Quincy Housing Authority sets federal grant money for renovations

QUINCY, Illinois (WGEM) – The Quincy Housing Authority received grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 2021 private equity grants to help with its properties.

Housing officials said $ 1,071,528 will be used for projects on several QHA properties.

The money will be used to install new exterior doors at the Indian Hill apartments and build a retaining wall at the Lampe apartments on Broadway.

This large contribution enables more work.

“Obviously, this means that we can do so much more in terms of maintenance and modernization without units. Many housing authorities have very old public housing. The older it is, the more expensive it is to take care of, the more needs there are to be able to take care of it, says Jerry Gille, CEO of the Quincy Housing Authority.

Construction workers reviewed their plans for the Lampe apartment complex on Tuesday and will start working on a retaining wall project on Wednesday morning.

Officials at the housing authority say that they must act quickly when they are allowed to grant money of this amount.

“We must have this money mandatory within two years – mandatory funds under contract. Many of these projects must be tendered, so we will develop a plan and tender them and that the money must be used entirely in our years. There is no compromise, there is no room for maneuver in it, “said Gille.

It is not just the Quincy Housing Authority that received grant money from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Housing authorities in the Adams, Hancock, Brown and Pike Counties all received grants. The full amounts are listed below:

  • The Quincy Housing Authority received $ 1,071,528
  • The Pike County Housing Authority received $ 464,072
  • The Adams County Housing Authority received $ 242,868
  • The Brown County Housing Authority received $ 118,977
  • The Hancock County Housing Authority received $ 58,868