Second passport program (subject to availabilty)

Obtain a passport for banking and travelling purposes

The migratory standards of this particular jurisdiction allow the entrance and residence of citizens of any nationality subject to specific requirements according to the occupation or purpose of residence.

A foreigner has the option to obtain any of the Immigrant Visas valid for a period of one to five years (according to the type of visa), afterwards he can obtain a Permanent Residence.

For example, an Investor’s Visa can be obtained after proving an investment of US$100,000.00 or more, or US$40,000.00 for Forestry companies; likewise, there is the option of requesting an Annuitant Visa which allows the interested party and its family to obtain a second Passport.

Any foreign citizen who decides to come to this country a tourist or under a different status, or any company wishing to establish in this country having foreign personnel must have proper counseling in order to avoid procedures not in accordance with the parameters of the national migratory authorities.

We offer our clients counseling for executing in a professional manner all legal procedures that best adjusts to their migratory situation.

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