Show me the money: the holidays are over but the deals go on

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The holidays may be over, but that does not mean all deals are gone and there are still ways to save.

“The good news for shoppers is that the deals didn’t stop at the holidays,” says Sarah Kirbal, a retail shopping expert. “January brings a host of new ways to save money on all those New Year’s decisions you may have thought of.”

Kirbal says there are ways to save on everything from the fitness routine to organizing the house. You just have to know where to look.

“The first unexpected place to find savings is in these club stores, so think of the Sam and Costco Club,” says Kirbal. “In fact Sam’s Club is offering you $ 45 off your first purchase at a store with new members.”

It can help with basics like toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies. Another area where you can find great savings right now is vacations.

“If you have something in the future maybe later in the fall or winter you will find an average 25% discount on vacations, in fact offers up to 50% off your booking so do not rule out booking a vacation now and the good news from many of those airlines and airlines does not make you pay For any change fee, it’s a very good time to order especially if you see a really good deal. “

Sarah says there are three more items to pay attention to at the first fitness equipment. Many get the resolution to get in shape. You will find a 25% discount on clothing and accessories and discounts on gym memberships and gym equipment at home.

“So this is a great time to stock up on bedding and towels, things that might be repulsive. Now is a good time to pick them up and really take advantage of these deep discounts and savings.”

And finally, skin care. From moisturizer to eye cream for cleansing, we spent most of 2020 cuddling at home. Sarah says it’s time to upgrade and improve these skin and beauty regimes. In fact, some online retailers offer 50% off.