Bitcoin recovers $ 50,000 as ‘HODLers’

NEW DELHI: Bitcoin regained the $ 50,000 level on Tuesday as the latest price drop on cryptocurrency attracted buyers, while existing investors retained their positions. The world’s largest cryptocurrency reached a record high of $ 58,640 on February 21, but as its appearance extended, prices fell to a low of $ […]

Bitcoin bounces back after falling to its lowest point in almost three weeks

Bitcoin prices bounced back today after falling to almost $ 43,000. getty Bitcoin prices have experienced a remarkable recovery recently and have risen after falling to almost $ 43,000 yesterday afternoon. The world’s largest digital currency by market value rose to as much as $ 49,520.72 earlier today, CoinDesk data shows. […]

Bitcoin has fallen 20% from the recent record high of $ 58,000

Several analysts described bitcoin’s recent withdrawal as completely natural. getty Bitcoin prices have fallen in recent days, pulling back from their latest record high and losing close to 25% of their value in under 48 hours. The world’s most prominent digital currency fell to as little as $ 44,964.49 this morning, […]

Bitcoin will increase almost 100% this year as the Bull Market continues

Bitcoin prices have risen almost 99% so far as the cryptocurrency benefits … [+] institutional interest. Getty Bitcoin prices have almost doubled so far in 2021, which has increased higher as the cryptocurrency benefits from growing institutional adoption. The world’s most prominent digital currency, whose total market value recently exceeded $ […]

Bitcoin recently hits well above $ 55,000 and shows continued momentum

Bitcoin prices hit $ 55,000 today, setting another record. getty Bitcoin prices climbed to a new record today, surpassing $ 55,000 as the digital currency continued its strong, upward trend. The cryptocurrency, which recently surpassed a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion, reached $ 55,707.21 this afternoon, according to CoinDesk data. […]

Bitcoin trading can attract IT, GST; taxes to be paid during this financial year

The latest trigger was Tesla, Inc.’s announcement that it had bought $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin. SubstancesBitcoin | Income Tax Act | GST Prior to the cryptocurrency bill, the government will probably levy both income tax (IT) and goods and services (GST) on profits and trading in bitcoins or cryptocurrencies, says […]

Bitcoin continues to show strength by keeping the latest gains

Bitcoin fell back after approaching $ 50,000 yesterday, but recovered quickly to more than $ 48,800. This … [+] helped to show their strength. (Photo illustration by Mykola Tys / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images Bitcoin illustrated its resilient nature today and […]

Bitcoin has reached its latest peak above $ 48,000 – what’s next?

Bitcoin set another full-time high above $ 48,000 today. (Photo illustration by Chesnot / Getty Images) Getty Images Bitcoin has flown high today, exceeding $ 48,000 this morning and rising to its latest record price. The digital currency reached as much as $ 48,316.82 at about 11 am EST, according to […]

What factors caused Bitcoin’s recent withdrawal?

Bitcoin prices suffered a recent pullback and fell from their highest level of nearly $ 42,000. … [+] (Photo by Jakub Porzycki / NurPhoto via Getty Images) NurPhoto via Getty Images Bitcoin prices have suffered some notable losses in recent days and have fallen more than 25% between Friday and this […]

Bitcoin prices break through $ 36,000 to reach their latest high

Bitcoin prices have continued to rise recently, rising above $ 36,000 and reaching their latest peak. … [+] Getty Bitcoin prices rose again today and exceeded the price level of 36,000 dollars as the cryptocurrency benefited from a continued pace. The world’s most prominent digital currency climbed to as much as […]

Bitcoin has climbed over $ 40,000 again – what’s next?

Bitcoin has traded close to $ 40,000 after exceeding that price level earlier today. 3D rendering Getty Bitcoin prices exceeded $ 40,000 earlier today and have fluctuated within the range of the important psychological level in recent hours. As the cryptocurrency is trading near the peak time of more than $ […]

Bitcoin’s cord rings alarm bells as cashier says they pull back to $ 20,000 ahead

Bitcoin prices are slipping again on Thursday, and the decline could trigger some short-lived bearish alarm bells with the availability that is already technical in a bear market after seeing record highs earlier in January. Values ​​for the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency fell by more than 10% around Thursday’s declines to […]