GameStop stock jumps to new highs

Shares of GameStop Corp. Peaked on Monday at the last sign that frenetic trading of individual investors is leading to too big moves in the stock market. Shares of Texas gaming retailer A’s soared 85 percent to $ 120 a share, expanding their rise so far in 2021 to more than […]

Intel, American Express stock losses lead to Dow’s 75-point drop

Shares of Intel and American Express see declines Monday morning, dropping the Dow Jones industrial average to negative territory. Intel INTC shares, -2.86% And American Express AXP, -2.72% Contributing to the decline of the index within the day, as Dow DJIA, -0.29% It was recently down 76 points (0.3%). Shares of […]

The Hong Kong Stock Market Index stood at 30,000 – this chart helps show why

After last year’s slow performance, the Hong Kong stock index performed a sharp rebound to push 30,000 for the first time since 2019. Analysts attribute the rise in the Hang Seng HSI index, 2.41% Chinese investors who found domestic value stretched more and more, and sought to accumulate shares of other […]

Gold moves lower as the dollar strengthens ahead of this week’s Fed meeting

Gold futures contracted on Monday, giving up on previous gains as government bond yields continued to pick up and the US dollar strengthened ahead of the Federal Reserve meeting on monetary policy later this week. Precious metal prices initially climbed on Monday “ahead of what is expected to be another ion […]

The future axes of Ripple of Cryptocurrency in the case of the SEC

Brad Garlinghaus, CEO of Ripple, last year publicly considered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, an initial public offering for a startup in San Francisco. The company has just raised about $ 200 million in a risk-taking round led by the Tetragon Financial Group, with a valuation of $ […]