The best Bitcoin debit cards for 2021 is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to offer a debit card and accept over 90 cryptocurrencies, making it our choice as the card with the best variety of cryptocurrencies supported.


  • Supports over 90 cryptocurrencies

  • No issue or monthly fee

  • Discounts on streaming services offers seven different Visa bank cards made of metal that allow cardholders to spend up to 90 cryptocurrencies and six fiat currencies anywhere as a Visa card is accepted, which is why we chose it as the best for its variety of supported cryptocurrencies.

To purchase each of the cards, cardholders must wager an amount of the company’s native CRO tokens (formerly MCO). At the time of writing, a CRO token costs $ 0.13, with prizes for each card of CRO 5,000 ($ 650), CRO 50,000 ($ 6,500), CRO 500,000 ($ 65,000) and even $ 5 million. CRO ($ 650,000).’s most popular (and affordable) 5,000 CRO Ruby Steel cards offer a 2% refund on every purchase, a 100% discount on an annual Spotify subscription, no ATM withdrawal fees for up to $ 400 per month and interbank exchange rates for up to 4,000 dollar exchanges every month.’s other cards offer 3–5% back, discounts on more streaming services, no withdrawal fees for ATMs and interbank exchange rates for currency exchange with higher monthly limits.

Cardholders who do not want to spend $ 650 on a Visa card can also opt for’s Midnight Blue card, which offers a 1% refund and no ATM fees for up to $ 200 in withdrawals each month.