The Innovation Awards award is announced; date set for live Zoom event and Startup Village

The special report for the Central Coast Innovation Awards 2021 was published and was published last week – Friday, February 26, 2021 – in print. Subscribers can also view the special report here (just click on the cover).

To celebrate this year’s awards, the Business Times – in partnership with the UC Santa Barbara Office of Technology & Industry Alliances – will showcase our winners at a virtual one-hour party held Thursday, March 25 at 16.30. here for the Central Coast Innovation Awards virtual event.

In addition to our virtual event Innovation Awards and also in collaboration with the UCSB Office of Technology & Industry Alliances, Business Times also presents its Startup Village. This event brings together 18 start-ups from the three sponsorship universities, each of which has had the opportunity to set up its operations in two simultaneously planned break-out sessions, which begin on Thursday 25 March and start at 14.30. here to register.

NOTE: This is a two-part event that begins at 2.30pm with Startup Village, where 18 companies present ten-minute seats in a virtual session. To learn more about the 18 companies and the Start-Up Village schedule, click here or read the special report on 26 February.

Part two of the two-part event will recognize the winners of the Central Coast Innovation Awards 2021:

The spirit of innovation: Shuji Nakamura & Steve DenBaars

Venture capital: Westlake Village BioPartners

Computer services: LogicMonitor

Most disruptive technology: AppFolio

Life sciences: Well health

Logistics & Supply Chain: Mission Linen Supply

No limits: Fathomworx

New companies: Mantis Composites; Aptitude Medical