UK startup develops gyroscope gloves to relieve tremors for those with Parkinson’s

By Stuart McDill

TOWCESTER, England (Reuters) – A British startup has developed a glove with a built-in spinning gyroscope that it says can help people with Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor (ET) overcome their often debilitating tremors and regain control of their hands.

Both conditions affect over 200 million people worldwide and can cause patients’ hands to shake so much that everyday tasks such as eating and drinking become difficult or impossible.

According to Gordon McCabe, GyroGear’s Development Manager, GyroGear’s solution is to mount a gyroscope on the back of your hand that, much like a spinning top that will always be upright as long as it spins, keeps your hand smooth while the flywheel spins.

“Essential tremor is a fairly hidden disability. You do not see how much it affects us, how our muscles hurt, the kind they take with tremor on the go all day,” said 56-year-old Jenny Field, a business analyst from Towcester, England. has Essential tremor.

“As soon as you put on GyroGlove it calms your muscles because they are not under so much pressure … You can enjoy your hobbies more, you can work more efficiently with writing. GyroGlove is huge because there is not much there. out to help us, says Field, who embroiders as a hobby.

The glove fits over the lower part of the hand, wrist and forearm, with the gyroscope hidden. Participants in GyroGear’s seed round include the UK Government Future Fund and Singapore venture builder Fidelium Group.

The company raised $ 4.3 million in Phase One of Seed Round financing and Phase Two is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month.

(Reporting by Stuart McDill; Editing by Alexandra Hudson)