Vernal Innovation Coordinator strives to foster entrepreneurship, community in the Vinta Basin

VERNAL – Utah has maintained a strong economy throughout the coronary heart disease epidemic, but some areas are more successful than others.

According to the administration and budget office of the governor of Uinta province, the highest unemployment rate in the country is 11%. This is partly due to the epidemic and also the decline in the oil and gas industry that has long been the province’s lifeline.

But early next month, Vernal will celebrate the grand opening of an innovative and innovative workspace that may seem more at home in Salt Lake or San Francisco. The goal is to create new businesses and an opportunity to basin Uintah. The Vernal Innovation Center includes a place to work, meetings and events, will host business development classes, and has level memberships for renting space per month or just logging in for one day.

“The innovation center evolved from an idea to its completion despite the slump in the local economy,” the GOMB said last week in a news release. It began “when more than 20 community leaders came together to take a significant step in diversifying an economy that relied heavily on the oil and gas industry.”

The state has set up a committee to represent 12 “regional bodies” and small tech businesses and entrepreneurs.

“The group recognizing the future economy of the basin must gradually move to creating non-energy jobs by targeting online manpower opportunities, creating small businesses and technology-based businesses.”

Lori Islam, a veteran businesswoman in the Vernal area, is the director of the Innovation Center. According to her, the hub was funded through a GOMB grant and through donations from the City of Vernel, Vinta County and Network Networks, the local high-speed Internet provider.

According to her, the facility is a perfect place for remote work.

“You have fast internet, you have it furnished, and everything you need for an online job at a very cheap price,” Islam said.

Innovation Hub memberships are $ 199 per month for a dedicated firm; $ 99 per month for a dedicated table; $ 49 per month for unlimited access to the common workspace; And $ 5 to pass a day. The building is accessible to members 24 hours a day and includes facilities such as printers and copiers, video conferencing technology, mailbox services, telephone booths, a podcast room and a break room.

The Innovation Center is located on Main Street in a two-story building that once served as a police station. Islam said it already has several tenants, but will celebrate its official grand opening on February 10th.

“We all have web designers, we have a guy who designs games who wants to collaborate with others and use our work environment,” she said. “We have financial advisors and all kinds of technology areas are joining.”

Islam said the Hub will also have clubs and classes on entrepreneurship and how to start a business. She hopes to work with the Utah Agan Binta University campus on courses and entrepreneurship events.

“We hope to diversify and help develop these types of jobs here,” Islam said, “apart from the oil and gas industry only.”

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Graham Dudley

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