Visa joins Caixabank, Global Payments and Worldline

Visa has joined Zone2boost, an investment activation program created by CaixaBank, Global Payments and Worldline.

Visa joins the International Innovation Initiative following its first year of operation with more than 300 start-ups valued, eight start-ups incorporated into its acceleration program and a committed investment of € 800,000. Investment companies cover a wide range of financial and e-commerce activities, which drive innovation through cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Visa will contribute to the program by assisting selected startups to increase and enrich their products and contribute to investment financing.

Eduardo Perito, CEO of Visa in Spain, comments: “At Visa we constantly value technology of all kinds, especially those that have the potential to improve the user experience of our customers’ digital payments. So we are looking for investments that really expand our reach to the global trading ecosystem, and Zone2boost is a great opportunity to identify new opportunities for collaboration. “

The period of time that entrepreneurs are supported varies from six months to two years, and over the course of it the new companies may develop from very early stages to a level that will allow them successful access to the market through investment rounds A and B.

In total, Visa, CaixaBank, Global Payments and Wordline plan to invest € 3 million through Zone2Boost by 2022.