Vision films release the “hot money” of Susan Kuchera, Jeff Bridges, Jim Swift and General Wesley Clark.

Los Angeles, January 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Vision Films Inc. (Vision “) announces that immediately after entering Clean Energy into America (CE4B), the documentary Hot money Will be available on VOD and DVD in the US Canada. Co-producers in management, retired general Wesley Clark and Jeff Bridges Actually presented the preview at the streaming opening event. Hot money He is a respected director and creator Susan Kuchera, And co-producers Jim Swift, Bridges and Clark.

Former NATO Commander – in – Chief Wesley Clark, And his son Wes Clark Jr., Leading viewers on an ancient, visible and illustrative journey into the reality of the financial system and its profound exposure to climate change. What begins as a conversation between a father and his son expands in scope until viewers understand how the global financial system works, as well as how deeply it is about to change. Experts in energy, economics, law, banking and real estate are amusing and teach about the main power that drives our world: debt. The film ends with the main strategies we can all use to prevent disaster.

Hot money Takes out all the game, all the display, all the nonsense of the money system with all the humor and intelligence of a new Yorker caricature. Combined with the wisdom of international business and academic experts, Hot money Rich in historical context. It severes ties between the economic and political forces that could lead to social collapse.


Liz Romanoff, CEO and CEO of Vision Films shares: “We are very proud to collaborate with this acclaimed team of creators and experts. Our goal is to share this film with the widest possible audience, especially educators, activists and legislators to influence change. The first step Is understanding the interrelationship between the economy and the environment, and what we can do to alleviate disaster recovery costs. Hot money It will be a vital and entertaining start that will crush the complexity of finance and government and how we as individuals and as a collective society contribute and yet can change the course. “

Director Susan Kuchera Says, “Hot money Is an important film right now as America stands on the brink of conflict. Many people lack the connection that interprets the world and this documentary brings it up. Conversations recorded more than a year ago about fires that have made homes impossible for sure, and the ripple effect that will roar in the financial system look as incredibly exciting as the scenes depicting a populist collapse in a country like Venezuela And how it can happen here. ”

The cast includes general Wesley Clark (Retired decorated four-star army general, former NATO ally commander, Rhodes scholar and international energy and energy adviser) Wes Clark Jr. (Wind energy project manager, veteran of the army, environmental activist), Katrina Pistor (Professor of Comparative Law, Columbia School of Law, Director of the School of LawCenter for Global Legal Change, author of the book Capital Code), Susan Wechter (Professor of Real Estate and Finance at Wharton School) University of Pennsylvania), Service Storm (Professor of Economics at Delft University, Netherlands, In the System Committee and contributes to the Institute for New Economic Thinking). The actor who won the Oscar also appears Jeff Bridges And the animated art of The New Yorker cartoonist Chamber Apes.

Hot money Available on all major US and U.S. streaming and cable platforms Canada, Including: iTunes, Amazon, Hoopla, FandangoNow, GooglePlay, Vudu, Vimeo, and hundreds of cable providers including Comcast, Spectrum, Charter, Cox, Dish, DirecTV and more. The DVD retailer includes Amazon and all the other major online retailers.

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Vision Films is an independent and leading VOD sales aggregator specializing in the licensing, marketing and distribution of over 800 feature films, documentaries and series by some of the most prolific independent film producers in the world. Headed by Liz Romanoff, CEO / CEO of Global Distribution, Vision Films releases 2-4 movies a month across theater, VOD, DVD and TV

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Rangeland LLC is a manufacturing company based on Seattle, Washington Owned by the producer and philanthropist Jim Swift. Founded in 2003, the company focuses on socially conscious documentaries and independent films. Swift also supports small-scale agriculture, agricultural business and sustainable infrastructure table.

Rangeland LLC has produced and managed several projects with an acclaimed writer / director Susan Kuchera, Including the 2018 environmental documentary Life in the future Which both starred and were produced by the Academy Award® A winning player Jeff Bridges, 2015 The breath of life, And their latest film Hot money.

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