Why most developers are not effectively represented

You may be wondering why the delegation was so important in the first place. After all, if you run a small business, you may be able to fully handle most of the work yourself.

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January 25, 2021

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I believe that a delegation is one of the most important and valuable tools in an entrepreneur’s arsenal. It is an array of skills that rarely sees active development, and one that often takes a back seat to other forms of skills development.

This is partly because most entrepreneurs are driven to take a practical approach. People of a business nature tend to be very ambitious, with a lot of energy that they can inject into their projects. Accordingly, they would rather do the work themselves than delegate the work to other people. And those who are regularly represented often do so as a sort of last thought – a last-ditch strategy, thrown in at the last second to solve a difficult problem.

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Already now you can begin to understand why entrepreneurs are notoriously noble. But what steps can you take to improve your delegation’s capabilities?

Why a delegation is so important

You may be wondering why the delegation was so important in the first place. After all, if you run a small business, you may be able to fully handle most of the work yourself.

For starters, the most important benefit of a delegation is the ability to keep your focus on the most important items. If you are wasting time, energy and attention on a project that can be easily handled by an entry level employee, you are not wasting time, energy and attention on a more important project that only you can handle. An expedition exists to help you stay focused on your top priorities.

Delegation also deals with time and economic efficiency. If you earn the equivalent of $ 100 an hour, why devote an hour to a task that a virtual assistant could handle at a rate of $ 15 an hour? When you interpret it objectively, the solution is clear. True, outsourcing certain types of work can be expensive – but even in this scenario, you probably get your money’s worth because you work with highly skilled professionals.

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Finally, the delegation is important because it gives you space on a scale. You may be able to handle all the work your small business produces today, but what about a month from now? in a year? The sooner you learn to delegate, the sooner you can begin to expand properly.

Where most entrepreneurs fail

So why do most entrepreneurs fail when it comes to delegation?

Here are some of the main reasons:

  • They are not representatives unless absolutely necessary. First, some developers just do not ship unless it becomes absolutely necessary. This is problematic for several reasons. For starters this means you will never see the full benefits of the delegation because you are saving it for a small handful of events. This also means that when you are a nobleman, you are usually in a state of panic, unable to think clearly about your options.
  • They see the delegation as a short-term strategy. Many entrepreneurs see the delegation as a kind of short-term strategy. They see this as an immediate solution to an urgent problem. Instead, it is better to see a delegation as a long-term strategy. It is a skill and investment that you can use to improve your efficiency and operational capability over time. Your first attempts at delegation may actually cost you time and money, but if you stay stubborn and keep getting better, eventually this strategy will work in your favor.
  • They provide minimal or ambiguous instructions. One of the easiest ways for a delegation to fail is to provide minimal or ambiguous instructions. As an assignment, it is your job to make sure that the recipient fully understands their responsibilities. If you just send an email with an attachment and no subject or body content, your recipient may not know what you want them to do. Take the time to write clear instructions, and you will get much better results.
  • They choose the wrong people. The right people will be able to make the delegation much more reliable and efficient. Select people for the right tasks based on their personal strengths and weaknesses. It’s a good idea to build a network of experts, even in your organization; Delegate the same types of tasks to the same people to improve their proficiency and make your system smoother.
  • They trust and forget. Sometimes entrepreneurs delegate a task and immediately check it in their list. They trust whoever receives them will take care of things and forget about it. This is problematic; You need some kind of authentication system. This could be tracking a specific time period, receiving a notification when the task is complete, or any other system you choose.

Are you ready to be a better representative? Like any skill, a delegation is something that requires work and active practice to achieve proficiency. Start by delegating small tasks to people you already trust, and try to improve your attitude every time you delegate something new.